Humans, Animals, and Conservation Environments

Interested readers can gain an understanding of the foundational texts that explore the complex and dynamic roles that humans and animals play in one another’s lives across varied time-places. Here I have included these readings to introduce people to a rapidly evolving field of inquiry that is part of a broader body of research on human-animal relations. Though this list is by no means exhaustive, it is intended to articulate the evocative argument that humans’ relations with animals go beyond the who or what in the world to include the when and where  (Emel & Wolch, 1998). Specifically, the readings explore and integrate frameworks that theorize human-animal relationships as “simultaneously biological, cultural, economic, ethical, geographic, and political” (Urbanik, 2012). … Given the wide-range of disciplines, methods, and frameworks these readings integrate, this list has profound potential to inform policy-makers, conservation advocates, and scientific researchers alike. …

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