Gender, Sexuality, and Space

Attempts to understand the mutual co-production of space and identity have ranged across discussions of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, nationality, and sexuality. In particular, “gender and space” and “sexuality and space” are recurring topics in the study of place and identity. For example, the Gender & Geography Bibliography has been the on-going project of dozens of scholars for nearly three decades and now lists thousands of sources. Work on sexuality grew in parallel with this body of work on gender, and often overlapped. Delving into the intersection of these three topics–gender, sexuality, and space–allows for both an interdependent and multi-layered analysis where each feeds the other. The gendering of spaces like kitchens, workplaces, or national boundaries reveals dimensions of sexuality previously invisible, and vice versa.

The recommended selections below include work that examines the co-production of gender, sexuality, and space across the disciplines. … Each of these ideas extol the multiplication of difference and crossing the seeming borderlands of differences to promote understanding. …

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