Preparing this book was a long and elaborate process that drew support and assistance from many different people. Foremost, we would like to thank the students, faculty, and staff at The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY) for sustaining such a rich interdisciplinary environment that has deeply informed our work. Our work would not be as thorough without the support of Leanne Rivlin, David Chapin, Roger Hart, Michelle Fine, Susan Opotow, John Seley, David Harvey, Neil Smith, Ruthie Gilmore, and the incredible Judith Kubran.

Many colleagues were also instrumental in choices we’ve made in putting this together, including our friends and co-conspirators that form the environmental psychology program and the CUNY SpaceTime Research Collective. We extend a special thanks to those who gave us input on possible selections for this book, including

  • Naomi Adiv,
  • Christian M. Anderson,
  • Jeff Broxmeyer,
  • Isabel Cuervo,
  • Kate Driscoll Derickson,
  • Gregory T. Donovan,
  • Jason A. Douglas,
  • Martin J. Downing,
  • Desiree Fields,
  • Valerie Francisco,
  • Bradley Gardner,
  • Jesse Goldstein,
  • Lystra Huggins,
  • Amanda Huron,
  • Aida Izadpanah,
  • Elizabeth R. Johnson,
  • Sara Koopman,
  • Fiona Lee,
  • Kimberly Libman,
  • Matthew Mangold,
  • Frank Muscara,
  • Anupama Nallari,
  • Diana Ojeda,
  • Nicole Schafer-McDaniel,
  • Aga Skorupka,
  • Collette Sosnowy,
  • David Spataro,
  • Lauren Tenney,
  • Rachel Verni, and
  • Marion Werner.

Jack: I am grateful to my colleagues in the SpaceTime Research Collective of the CUNY Graduate Center, and, most especially, those amazing individuals who make up the environmental psychology program. You helped form not only this book but also my own scholarship. I extend special appreciation to Linda Gieseking and A.T. Stephen for promoting this book and ceaselessly supporting me. I thank the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for the German Chancellor Fellowship that gave me much of the time needed to plan and edit this volume.

William: My thanks to Pratt Institute and Moore College of Art and Design—places where I have been fortunate to teach and that have awarded grants to put this book together. The students and faculty at these schools have challenged me and informed my work, as have my friends and colleagues at the Graduate Center. More than anyone, it is my parents who got me started on the path of thinking deeply about the world in and around me, and it is my wife and children that continue to support and encourage me in this direction.

Jack and William: We would especially recognize Cindi, Setha, and Susan, our mentors, colleagues, and friends. Not only was their teaching the inspiration for this book, but their commitment to this project has helped see it through to the end as the kind of truly interdisciplinary and exciting text we desired to bring to life. We are also thankful to our editors at Routledge, Louise Fox and Nicole Solano, for their support of this book.

Cindi, Setha, and Susan: We would like to thank the students who have taken our courses, for pushing boundaries, asking astute questions, and consistently challenging our thinking.

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